Multiport Selector Valve (MSV)

HC’s Multiport Selector Valve (MSV) is a special electric driven multiport valve which allows divert flow from individual well to test separator, while other flow from multiple valves are gathered to production line to process valuable hydrocarbons from multiple wells. Multiport Selector Valve can be integrated to Production or Inlet manifold, allowing HC to provide comprehensive solutions for well testing and Early Production Facilities (EPF).


Multiport Selector Valve (MSV), also known as Rotary Selector Valve (RSV) consists of valve body, bonnet, selector body, inlet ports, sealing parts, production outlet nozzle, test outlet nozzle, electrical actuation system. Multiport Selector Valve (MSV) can be applied in offshore and onshore production facilities, facilitating oilfield operator and oilfield service company. Oilfield MSV can be designed for various application, such as standard application, sour service application, heavy crude application, and extreme working environment.


Multiport Selector Valve (MSV) and MSV manifold can be designed for various pressure rating and various size range, such as class 150-2500 lbs and 1-20-inch sizing. Construction materials are the same as API 6D made from either cast steel or forged steel. Multiport Selector Valve (MSV) and MSV manifold is ideal solutions for well test facilities and early production facilities (EPF).

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· Good substitute for Conventional Production Manifolds

· Easy and safe operational features

· Handline wide range of flowrate

· Lower cost price in compared to conventional Inlet / Production Manifolds

· Automated system


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Basic Technical Specification


Number of inlet ports


Inlet size

in. (mm)

1-10 (25-250)

Test outlet size

in. (mm)

1-10 (25-250)

Main (group) outlet size
(to production) 

in. (mm)

2-20 (50-500)

Design (Max.) Pressure

Lbs / LB

150 – 2500

Design (Max.) Temperature


Up to 290 °C

Environment Temperature



Minus 40 °C – plus 60 °C

Application area

Well testing,

Early Production Facilities,

Other oilfield application,

Onshore facilities,

Offshore platform,


Standard service,

Sour service,

Heavy crude,

Extremely hot media,

Extremely cold areas,

Construction Material

Body: Carbon steel (ASTM A350 LF2 or A216WCB)

Internals: Stainless-steel (A182 316L)



Or client shall determine


Electric driven


Zone 1 / Zone 2  

IP 55-65 

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