Atmospheric Gauge Tank

General Introduction

Atmospheric Gauge Tank is the vessel designed for temporal storing of the crude oil after the separation in the separator and surge tanks, used in onshore and offshore well testing operations. Being the part of the well testing system, Atmospheric Gauge Vessel mainly used to measure the flow rate and calibrate liquid metering instruments of the test separator. Atmospheric Gauge Tank has inlet and outlet of the crude oil. Oil enters from the surge tank and emptied by the oil transfer pumps.

Atmospheric gauge tank consists of the enforced vessel to ensure proper storage, sight glasses (level gauges) to control oil level, flame arrestors on each vent of the vessel, a grounding strap, and shearing roof to prevent the vessel from overpressure. Nowadays, gauge tanks rarely used in offshore well test operations and replaced by the surge tank. Also, gauge tank is not used in areas where H2S is presented as this is hazardous to the operation personnel.

Our atmospheric gauge tanks are designed and manufactured for various volumes and pressures.

  • Application:
  • Well Clean-ups
  • Frack Flowback
  • Well Testing

Technical Parameters

HC Model Number HCWT-GT-100-1 HCWT-GT-200 HCWT-GT-500
Capacity 100 bbl 200 bbl 500 bbl
Compartment Numbers Single Dual Dual
Service General General General
Pressure 150 psi 150 psi 150 psi
Working Pressure Atmospheric Atmospheric Atmospheric
Inlet 3 inch ANSI 602 WECO 3 inch ANSI 602 WECO 3 inch ANSI 602 WECO
Outet 3 inch ANSI 602 WECO 3 inch ANSI 602 WECO 3 inch ANSI 602 WECO
Drain 3 inch ANSI 602 WECO 3 inch ANSI 602 WECO 3 inch ANSI 602 WECO
Weight 7000 lbs. 12100 lbs. 21100 lbs.

Technical drawings


Production Photos

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