3-phase separator with 100*10⁴ standard cubic meter per day processing capacity for Shengli Oilfield in China

After continuous work, the three-phase separator produced by HC was successfully delivered to Shengli Oilfield on March 15, 2022. According to customer requirements, the equipment adopts automatic control system, which can realize unattended automatic operation, fully meet the production and operation indicators, and greatly enhance the economic benefits.


The three-phase separator adopts horizontal structure, and the interior is mainly divided into water washing separation area, sedimentation area and oil collection area, and manholes have been set in each section for the installation and maintenance of internal components. In order to meet the requirements of real-time monitoring, real-time diagnosis and remote start and stop of the equipment, high-quality transmitters, flow meters, level gauges and other instruments have been used. In addition, the re-separation element at the gas outlet of the separator has been set to reduce the liquid content in the gas. 


The three-phase separator of this structure has the single processing liquid volume of 1000m3/d, natural gas volume of 100*104Nm3/d, with 16MPa design pressure of the separation tank, and the valves and instruments are all from qualified manufacturers. 


HC Petroleum Equipment not only provides standardized equipment, but also offers detailed design proposal according to users’ parameters. Since its establishment, HC has been committed to providing products with reliable quality and cost-effective performance for the oil and gas industry. Moreover, we are also constantly improving technology to make our products more suitable for industry development and user needs.




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