Three nos. of pressure vessel of 42 in. x 10 ft., 1440 psi test separator has been exported to Egypt

Separator Pressure Vessel is one of the main components of three phase separation modules. Separators are widely used in oilfield for operations like well testing, flowback, and early production. 

The client from Egypt awarded a contract with HC Petroleum Equipment to design, fabricate and supply three nos. of separator vessels, two of which are designed as per ASME with U-stamp, while another one as per GB150, passing all strict requirements to test and inspection of relevant standards. Project finished by the mid of 2020 and successfully delivered to the client, passing quality acceptance produces. Feel free to contact HC in case of any inquiries and technical assistance. We ensure high quality, compliance with ASME, NACE and other international and American standards. 

42 in. x 10 ft_1440_psi_test_separator.jpg42 in. x 10 ft_1440_psi_test_separator_02.jpg

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