Crude Oil Treatment & Processing Facility

HC Petroleum Equipment designs and provides equipment for the crude oil treatment and processing, as well as fast track packages.

There are several process selection and equipment sizing could be offered, depending on the property of the crude and environment condition.

HC Petroleum Equipment is capable of designing equipment for the whole facility, not only for the crude processing, but as well as associated gas and produced-water treatment. Production capacity depends on the client’s requirements and well numbers to be connected to the facility. Production capacity could be from 5000 bbl/day (which is usual for fast track facility) and up to 50000 bbl/day for the bigger facilities.

Also, crude unloading and loading facilities with sets of loading arm could be offered depending on the client requirements.

Facility usually consists of following equipment:

  • Inlet manifold

  • Safety and measure equipment

  • Heat exchangers

  • 2-phase and 3-phase separators

  • Oil Heater Treaters (Horizontal or Vertical)

  • Transfer pumps

  • Sedimentation and storage tanks

  • Flow control equipment and piping  


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